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PrivateDeal is commited to helping hotels optimize their global acquisition strategy. One of the ways we go about doing so is by producing eductional content covering some of the latest developments happening within the industry.

In these studies, you will find innovative ways to increase revenues through concrete action plans you can enact for your hotel. Feel free to download all our white papers for free here:

  • Mastering Day-Use Bookings
  • 5 Way to Thrive in the post-COVID-19 Hotel Market
  • How to Choose the Best Acquisition Channels for your Hotel
  • A Simple Guide to Digital Marketing for Hotels
  • Case Study: Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa

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Mastering Day-Use Bookings

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, a new trend has emerged as a way to fight back against the pandemic. Big hotel groups such as Marriott, Accor and Hilton have launched "Working from the Hotel" programs to attract remote workers and generate new revenues. These initiatives are part of a larger group of booking strategies often referred to as Day-Use bookings. Want to tap into this new kind of business for your hotel? Feel free to download our white paper and follow the guide! 


5 Ways to Thrive in the post-COVID-19 Hotel Market

The COVID-19 outbreak is bound to have lasting impacts on the hotel industry. While hotels are busy keeping their head above water in the day to day, we took a look at the five most meaningful long-term measures they can take to better adapt to the new status-quo.

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Best Acquisition Channels 

As we near the end of the long COVID-19 tunnel, the hospitality industry has shed its skin and is ready to build anew. To better understand this novel and unpredictable environment, PrivateDeal started the post-COVID Hotelier Handbook. Through research and concrete solutions, this white paper Series is designed to help hoteliers better navigate the challenges of a post-COVID-19 world. In this 1st part of our Series, we analyzed the best acquisition channels for your hotels.


A Simple Guide to Digital Marketing for Hotels

In this 2nd part of our Series “The post-COVID Hotelier Handbook”, we continue our deep dive into the best practices to succeed in a hotel market completely reshaped by the pandemic. This new study explores a poorly known yet critical topic in the industry: Digital Marketing. Indeed, within an increasingly competitive environment, promoting hotel offers online is essential to reach potential customers and gain additional market shares. We also had the chance to get insights from Revinate, the hospitality leader in CRM and marketing!



Case Study: Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa

Discover how the Royal Savoy Hotel & Spa increased their direct bookings thanks to PrivateDeal's Smart Negotiation Solution.

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